QPI frequency

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

Short for QuickPath Interconnect, the QPI frequency or QPI Clock is a technology developed by Intel to compete with HyperTransport as a replacement for the FSB on a computer motherboard. The basic QPI connects one or more processors to one or more IO hubs and allows all of the components in the computer to communicate with each other over the network. The initial release of QP is capable of 25.6 GB/s with a theoretical bandwidth of 1600 MHz.

Computer users interested in overclocking their computer may see an option such as the example shown below in the BIOS/CMOS setup that enables them to adjust their QPI frequency. We recommend leaving this setting at Auto or at the default settings. Adjusting this setting in the hopes of making the computer faster makes no noticeable difference.

QPI frequency in CMOS setup

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