Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope

QuickBooks is software for performing business and office tasks. These tasks include managing finances, creating and printing invoices, managing and balancing bank accounts, paying and managing bills, and managing finances and inventory.

Developed and maintained by Intuit, QuickBooks was first released in 2002 and geared for use by businesses needing improved management of their business finances. Today, QuickBooks is available as a desktop software program for computers running Windows or macOS. It is also available as an online cloud program, named QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks programs

In addition to the standard QuickBooks software, Intuit also has several QuickBooks programs designed for specific tasks.

  • QuickBooks Payments - designed to help businesses manage incoming payments from customers, including creation and management of invoices, and the ability to set up recurring payments
  • QuickBooks Payroll - designed to manage payroll-related processes for a business, including paying employees and managing payroll taxes
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale - designed to handle all cash register processing, inventory and sales tracking, and managing of customer data.

While QuickBooks is primarily used by businesses, it could also be used by individual users looking for a strong finance management software program.

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