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Quicken is financial accounting software for Windows and macOS computers developed by Quicken, Inc. Originally released in 1983 for MS-DOS and Apple II computers, the Quicken software line is now over 30 years old.

Until 2016, it was developed and published by Intuit.

Features and use cases

Quicken is used to track finances. It can record and categorize spending, create detailed budgets, and provide information about bank and credit card balances. It can send reminders when bills are due, either by SMS or e-mail, or through its mobile app.

For an additional fee, Quicken offers a service called Quicken Bill Pay, which allows users to pay their bills directly through Quicken.

Available versions

Deluxe and premier versions of Quicken are available, for an additional cost. They offer advanced financial tools to help plan for retirement and debt repayment. The premier version can also provide investment advice and financial portfolio analysis.

Special versions are also available for small business owners and rental/property managers.

Mobile app

The Quicken mobile app is available for Android and iOS for no extra charge, although its features depend on the version of Quicken being used. It can be used to take photos of receipts, track investments, and monitor the value of an owned home.

Compatibility between versions

Although Quicken is available for both Windows and macOS, the two database formats are incompatible. Therefore, Quicken data on a Mac cannot be used on a PC, and vice versa.

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