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Apple QuickTime

Developed by Apple and released on December 2, 1991, QuickTime is software that primarily allows a computer user to play video files. Available for macOS and Windows, QuickTime is commonly used to play files with the .mov file extension. However, it also supports other key file types and media formats, such as MP4, H.264, and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). The image is an example of the QuickTime program running on a computer.


Apple confirmed in 2016 that it no longer intends to support or update QuickTime on PC (Windows) computers. Due to known security vulnerabilities, we highly recommend you uninstall this program from your Windows computer.

Example of QuickTime video

For an example of an Apple QuickTime video, we've made the IBM Linux commercial .mov file available for download. This video plays in QuickTime or another supported video player, such as VLC (VideoLAN client).

How do I get QuickTime?

For Apple users, such as those who are on an iMac or MacBook, QuickTime is included with macOS. While we strongly suggest not using QuickTime (see note above), Windows users still can obtain a copy of it for free from Apple's official download site.

How to open QuickTime in macOS

  1. In the Dock at the bottom of your screen, click the Finder icon.

Finder icon in the Dock

  1. On the left side of the screen, under the Favorites section, click the Applications selector in macOS. selector.
  2. In the list of applications, double-click the QuickTime icon.

QuickTime icon in macOS.

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