R programming language

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R may refer to any of the following:

R programming language logo1. The R programming language is a computer programming language and software environment for statistical computing. Statisticians and data miners widely use it to perform complex analysis.

R was first introduced in 1993; created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand as an implementation of the S programming language. Like S, which was developed by John Chambers while he was at Bell Labs in the late 1970s, R was created to "turn ideas into software quickly and faithfully."

R is an interpreted language, and its principle user interface is a command line. Native data structures of R include vectors, scalars, matrices, lists, and data frames, which are similar to a table in a relational database. R performs matrix arithmetic, benchmarking competitively with software packages, such as MATLAB.

R supports generic functions, in which a function performs the same general procedure for multiple types of input data. For instance, R's print() function can be passed any manner of variable, and automatically invokes the correct method for printing that type of data.

As such, "Hello World" in R is a very simple program.

print("Hello, World!")

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2. The letter "r" is also chatslang for "are". For example, "r u serious" in chat is short for "are you serious."

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