Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope

A recall is the process that involves requesting a product or a portion of the product to be returned because of safety issues or serious defect. For example, there have been safety recalls on computer monitors and portable laptop batteries because of potential fire hazards. If a company has your contact information available, it can contact you directly to let you know about the safety recall. Otherwise, it's up to you to keep yourself informed, and learn about any recalls.

The best place to look up any safety recalls is directly from the computer or product manufacturer. You can visit our third-party support guide for an extensive list of third-party computer companies and their contact information and websites. Below is a few websites where consumers can visit to look up recalls on computer products.


When dealing with any recall it is important you act fast, as most manufacturers only cover recalls while the product is in warranty or for a short period.

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