Updated: 11/12/2023 by Computer Hope
Illustration of a laptop with archived data coming out of the screen.

The term research describes collecting data, organizing and documenting important information, and the analysis of documented results. Basic research is done to help validate or disprove a hypothesis, assemble a collection of knowledge, create new concepts, and help answer questions.

There are two main types of research. Primary research is collected firsthand by performing experiments, conducting interviews, or sending forms or surveys. Secondary research is the analysis of information collected by other people. Books, newspaper articles, documentaries, and websites like Computer Hope can all be considered secondary research sources.

What is Internet research?

Internet research is secondary research performed on the Internet and the World Wide Web by a researcher, sometimes called a digital researcher. Using Internet search engines, a researcher can instantly search billions of web pages and documents to help narrow down on information they're trying to find. If a search engine cannot find helpful information, forums, instant messaging, and chat can connect with other experts who may help find information. Finally, if the researcher is still having trouble finding information, they can use e-mail and social networks to connect with other researchers and experts for help.

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