Restore button

Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope
restore button

For computers, the restore button may be a hardware button, found on some laptop computers. The hardware button may be labeled as being a restore button or it may also be labeled as the name of the software utility that initiates the restore process. The restore button may also be one of the function keys. When the computer is starting up, pressing the function key will start the restore process.


For a listing of restore button function keys used with most computers, see our hidden partition definition.

Pressing the restore button or function key will activate the software restore utility. The utility will guide the user through the restore process. It is important to note that since the restore process will "reset" the computer back to its originally installed software package, all data is usually erased. Any personal files and software programs installed will be lost, so it is important to have personal files backed up.

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