Updated: 03/05/2023 by Computer Hope
Overlapping RGB (red, green, blue) circles to create new colors yellow, magenta, cyan, white, and all other combinations of colors.

Short for red, green, blue, RGB is a method of creating colors from the colors of red, green, and blue. RGB is sometimes used when describing a display or monitor. The picture shows how this happens in CMYK as each of the circles overlap other colors to create new colors.


RGB may also be labeled as BGR (blue, green, red) in many Windows API functions and shown in hexadecimal. For example, blue would be 0x00FF0000.

What is ARGB?

ARGB is short for alpha, red, green, blue, and describes the first 8-bits in a 32-bit integer that store the alpha (transparency) data. See our color page for further information.

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