Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope
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Rhapsody is a digital music service providing an expansive downloadable library of over 13 million songs. Rhapsody allows subscribers to listen to music on their computer, phone, TV, DVR system, portable music players, and over 70 other electronic devices. Subscribers can even create their personal radio station with music available on Rhapsody. At $10 per month, Rhapsody offers their subscribers one of the largest and most complete digital music services available on the Internet.

Historical information

Rhapsody was originally launched in December 2001 and was the first subscriber-based streaming digital music service. It offered unlimited access to an expansive library of music for a monthly fee. Rhapsody's library was originally composed mostly of music from Naxos Records, with several independent labels. Shortly after launch, they added music from EMI, BMG, Warner Bros. Records and Sony to their music library. Later in 2002, they rounded out their library offerings with music from Universal Records. Rhapsody also sells individual MP3s and has a Rhapsody Music Software for organize music and synchronize their MP3s with the subscription service.

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