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The noise a cell phone makes when someone is calling. Today, ringtones are one of the most popular features of a cell phone and can be set to any imaginable song, melody, or jingle. Often, you can set each contact to a different ringtone, allowing you to know who is calling without viewing the screen. Below is a short list of common ringtone questions and answers.

Where can I download ringtones?

There are numerous web pages and services that allow users to download ringtones for their cell phone. If your carrier does not have any ringtones or you want to try a different service, do an Internet search for "ringtones" on any popular search engine to find ringtone download sites.

A good example of a site that has several hundred free MP3, WAV, and MIDI ringtones is Mobile9.com.

Perform a web search for ringtones.

Are ringtones free?

There are some services that have free ringtones. However, because of royalties, copyrights, and other reasons, some services charge for users to download or use their ringtones.

A good example of a site that has several hundred free MP3, WAV, and MIDI ringtones is Mobile9.com.

How do I transfer my ringtones from my computer to my cell phone?

Often, many ringtone web pages can send you ringtones by calling a number and entering a code for the ringtone you want to have. However, doing this transfer often costs you additional money for the ringtone, as well as the amount of data transferred.

An alternative method would be to download the ringtones from a web page and connect your phone to your computer using either a USB cable (often included with your phone) or Bluetooth. Once downloaded, depending on your phone and how you connected, you can copy the songs from your computer to your phone. For example, with some phones and Microsoft Windows, you can find your cell phone listed under My Computer.

How do I convert a ringtone?

There are numerous converters available for different phones. Often, the manufacturer of the cell phone will provide a converter to convert a ringtone from one type to another type. If your cell phone provider or manufacturer does not offer one, search for "ringtone converter" on any popular search engine to find available ringtone converters.

Does my cell phone support ringtones?
What ringtones does my cell phone support?
How long or short can my ringtone be?
How many ringtones can my phone hold?

Answers to the questions above vary by the type of cell phone you have and your cell phone provider. For answers to these questions, we suggest referring to your cell phone documentation or your cell phone provider.

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