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RIP may refer to any of the following:

rip definition

1. Short for raster image processor or raster image process, RIP is the process of converting a vector image into a raster image. All PostScript printers have a RIP to convert their commands into bitmapped pages, so they can be printed.

2. Short for Routing Information Protocol, RIP is a routing protocol (RFC 1058) utilized by computers and other network devices (e.g., routers). It is used to broadcast known addresses for networking devices to learn available routes. The algorithm used in RIP was first developed in 1969 and used to route information in ARPANET. If compatible, many networks have upgraded from RIP to OSPF or another more current routing protocol.

3. Short for ripping, rip is a term used to describe the process of taking data off of a CD or other disc and either storing it on the computer or putting it onto another CD or disc.

4. RIP is a term sometimes used to make fun of someone or put them in their place.

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