Updated: 12/30/2021 by Computer Hope
RJ-11 phone cable connector and connection

More commonly known as a modem port, phone connector, phone jack or phone line, the Registered Jack-11 (RJ-11) is a four or six wire connection for telephone and modem connectors in the US. The picture is an example image of what the RJ-11 phone cable and its connection.


This cable can connect your modem to the Internet, but should not be confused with the RJ-45 connector, which is used with your network card.


See our port page if you're looking for information about network (router) ports.

Do I need to connect the phone cord?

If your computer has a dial-up modem, it likely included a phone cord. Unless you plan on connecting to the Internet with a dial-up connection, you do not need to connect the phone cord, and it can be discarded. Today, most people are connecting to the Internet with a broadband connection and most new computers no longer have a dial-up Modem.

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