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S may refer to any of the following:

1. The letter S or <S> is chat slang for a smile. For example, if something someone said made the person smile in real life, they may use this letter as an indication they smiled.

2. In gaming, when using the WASD keys to control a character or another object, the "S" is the same as the down arrow key.

3. S is a key used with the keyboard shortcuts Alt+S, Command+S, and Ctrl+S.

4. With a regular expression, \s matches a space character (space, \t, \r, \n). When capitalized, \S matches any non-white space character. When used as a regular expression flag, "s" matches new lines.

5. With Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs, "S" is the nineteenth column of a spreadsheet. To reference the first cell in the column, you'd use "S1."

6. In the phonetic alphabet, "S" is often pronounced as "Sierra."

7. S is the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet. The letter "S" comes after "R" and is followed by the letter "T." To create a capitalized "S" press the Shift and S key at the same time.

With U.S. QWERTY keyboards, the "S" key is on the home row, to the right of the "A" and left of the "D" key. See our keyboard page for a visual example of all keyboard keys.


If the "S" key is not working on the keyboard, see: Some of the keys on my computer keyboard aren't working.


In ASCII the uppercase "S" is "083" in decimal (01010011 in binary). The lowercase "s" is "115" in decimal (01110011 in binary).

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