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Save As is a function, similar to the save, which allows you to specify the name and location of the file you are saving. This option is chosen when you want to change the name of the file or make a duplicate.


If the file has never been saved before the Save As window will be displayed the first time the file is saved.

Save As example

Let's assume you were working on the file named "hope.doc" and modified it so drastically that you wanted to also change the name. If you chose Save, the "hope.doc" file is overwritten with the new changes. However, if you chose Save As, a new window would appear, similar to the example below, allowing you to change the name.

Save As window

What is the shortcut key for Save As?

Unlike the save shortcut key (Ctrl+S), there is no universal shortcut Save As option. However, nearly all Windows-based programs allow you to Save As using two quick key combinations:

  1. Press Alt+F to open the File Menu.
  2. Let go of all keys when the File Menu appears.
  3. Press "A" to choose the Save As option.

Programs that have a different keyboard shortcut than the one shown above can usually be found by opening the file menu. One of the letters is the phrase "Save As..." will be underlined, denoting the shortcut key in the menu for Save As.

Other less common keyboard shortcuts

The following shortcuts work in many programs, but not all.

  • Ctrl+Shift+S
  • F12

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