Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
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First released in 2002, Scalix is a suite of groupware and e-mail software for Linux servers. It is compatible with many popular enterprise-level e-mail clients including Microsoft Outlook and Novell Evolution. It provides benefits for any organization that uses a combination of Microsoft Windows and Linux client computers.

Scalix features

  • Complete integration with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory.
  • E-mail service, facilitating enterprise-level e-mail needs for a large organization.
  • Calendar service, allowing synchronized calendar access for all group members.
  • ScalixConnect for Outlook, offering transparent support for Microsoft Outlook clients.
  • Scalix Web Access, a cross-platform AJAX-based replacement for Outlook which can run either as a desktop app or inside a browser.
  • Scalix ActiveSync, facilitating push e-mail, wireless calendar, and contact synchronization using the ActiveSync protocol.
  • ScalixConnect for BlackBerry, allowing complete integration with BlackBerry Enterprise Server to synchronize data with BlackBerry mobile devices.
  • ScalixConnect for Evolution, providing e-mail and calendar client support for Linux users.
  • Scalix Wireless Solution, providing advanced features for BlackBerry, Trio, and other smartphone users.
  • Scalix Administration Console, an AJAX-based web client for IT administration.
  • ScalixReady, facilitating and certifying the compatibility of third-party software integration.

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