Updated: 05/23/2017 by Computer Hope

Scrolling or to scroll is the act of moving the visual portions of a window up, down, left, or right, to see additional information on the window. In the example below of a Microsoft Windows window the user could scroll up and down using the vertical scroll bar and then left and right using the horizontal scroll bar.

Scroll bars on a window

Mouse tip: Use the wheel on your mouse to scroll up and down on a web page.

Keyboard tip: Press the spacebar to scroll down one page at a time when reading a web page. Press the Shift key and spacebar at the same time to scroll up one page at a time. The page up and page down keys can also be used to move up and down one page at a time.

Touchscreen tip: On a touchscreen device swipe your finger up or down to scroll the screen up or down. Swiping up scrolls down and swiping down scrolls up.

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