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Settings gear

Settings may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, a setting is an adjustment in a software program or hardware device that adjusts it to the user's preference. For example, you may have a hard time seeing small fonts, so you change the font setting to a larger font size.

2. In Microsoft Windows, the Settings app is a part of the operating system first introduced in Windows 8, and included in Windows 10. It is a central location where you can customize, configure, and update your operating system, and is intended to replace the Control Panel.

Windows Settings

How to open the Windows Settings app

Using the Start menu

  1. Click Start or get to the Windows Start Screen.
  2. Type Settings and press Enter, or click the gear icon Settings icon.

Using a keyboard shortcut

You can also open the Settings app by pressing Win+I (hold down the Windows Key and press "i").


If you have Windows 10 with all of the latest updates, you can also find Settings on the left side of the Start menu as a small gear icon.

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