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A signature may refer to any of the following:

1. A signature or signature block is data used for identification purposes found in e-mail messages. A signature may contain the individual's name or alias, job description, company, e-mail address, position, phone number, URL (uniform resource locator), quote, or joke. Below is an example of the Computer Hope signature sent with all our e-mails.

Computer Hope
Free computer help since 1998

The picture below is an example of a window that appears when composing a new e-mail message. In our example, the signature is automatically inserted any time a new e-mail message is being composed.

E-mail message with signature

E-mail signature etiquette

  • Keep the signature as small and simple as possible. We suggest no more than four lines.
  • Your signature doesn't need to be a complete bio of yourself. If you have five different phone numbers, you shouldn't post all five of them in your signature. Often a cell phone number is enough.
  • Have a divider or empty lines between the signature and the main message.
  • Don't advertise more than your web page. Everyone gets bombarded enough by e-mail solicitation.

2. Signatures are also often found on online communities and forums as a way for a user to identify themselves, something they enjoy, etc. Great examples of online signatures are on the Computer Hope forum.

3. With a virus, a signature refers to a virus signature.

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