Updated: 08/16/2021 by Computer Hope

Slide may refer to any of the following:

Slide Layout

1. With a slide show or slide presentation, a slide is a single page or image shown in a slideshow. For example, when watching a picture slideshow of ten pictures, a single picture is considered a slide.

With a presentation or program like Microsoft PowerPoint, a slide is one page of text, images, or animations. For example, in the slide layout to the right, there are four slides shown.

2. When used as a plural noun (more than one), slides refers to more than one slide and may also be an abbreviated form of Google Slides.

3. In a camera or film setting, slide refers to 35mm slide film, invented in the mid-1930s and used until the early 2000s. Slides have since been replaced by 35mm film strips, which were then replaced by digital images.

4. Slide may also describe the motion of swiping your finger. See our swipe definition for further information on this term.

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