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Updated: 05/02/2021 by Computer Hope

A slideshow, slide show, or slide presentation is pictures or pages of information (slides), often displayed on a large screen using a video projector. The first slide shows were done with pictures on pieces of glass, to be later replaced by photographic film slides in the 1940s. As the technology improved, overhead projectors began being used to project a picture on a screen. The slides were made with transparent slide media about the size of a piece of paper. Printers could print text and images on this media, or dry-erase markers could be used to write and draw on the media.

For today's presentations and showing slides, a slide in a slide show is essentially a single screen of information, able to display text, charts, and images. A slide can also feature various transitions, which are added effects to enhance the slide and provide different viewing styles. Transitions can include words fading in or out of view, words sliding into view from the left, right, top, or bottom of the slide, and others. Slide-based presentations are a popular choice for business meetings due to the ease of creating each slide and the attention they can grab from viewers when done correctly.

Simple to complex designs can be created with Microsoft PowerPoint, and the presentations can be built with as many slides as necessary. Google Docs also offers a presentation application, allowing multiple people to work on the presentation in a collaborative effort. Other applications are also available for creating slides and presentations, including applications from Adobe and IBM. After completion, slide shows are usually shown on a projector or TV. Slide shows can even be copied onto a DVD (digital versatile disc) and played in a standard DVD player instead of through a computer.

Should I use "slide show" or "slide show" in my writing?

Both versions are correct, and how you use them may depend on the style guide you use or the software or feature you're describing. According to Google Trends, "slideshow" with no space is the most common. However, companies like Microsoft use "slide show" with a space.

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