Updated: 08/03/2018 by Computer Hope

Slow computerIn general, slow refers to anything that takes a long time to complete. With computers, there are dozens of different things that can make a computer slow. Below is a list of the documents on Computer Hope that relate to a slow computer.

What makes a computer slow?

There are many reasons that a computer may be slow, or become sluggish over time.

Antivirus software - While it can be beneficial, antivirus software that runs constantly can eat up a lot of system resources. We recommend scheduling scans at certain times, either when you'll be away from your computer or sleeping, rather than having the program on all the time.

Too many programs - Each program users install generally tend to eat up some system resources whether or not they are in use. The solution here: uninstall programs that you seldomly use.

Too many startup programs - Every time you boot up Windows, there are programs that start automatically. You can cancel these processes by disabling them, thus saving you system resources.

Documents relating to a slow computer

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