Smart Tag

Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope

A Smart Tag may refer to any of the following:

Smart Tag

1. Sometimes called Action Tags, Microsoft Smart Tags are a way of creating actions associated with words or phrases in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Internet Explorer 6. For example, when Smart Tags are enabled in a document, Word may recognize certain phrases (such as names or dates). Word will indicate the option of a smart tag by marking the phrase with a purple dotted underline. Moving the mouse cursor over the underlined phrase and clicking the Smart Tag Actions button (shown right) allows anyone using the document to choose an action from the menu that opens. The actions could include anything from adding a name to your contact list to scheduling a meeting.

Today, these Smart Tags are no longer used and were completely removed from Microsoft Office 2010.

How to enable and adjust Smart Tags settings

  • Open Word or Excel (2003) and click Tools, AutoCorrect Options, and then the Smart Tags tab.
  • Open Word or Excel (2007) and click the Office button, click Options, in the category pane click Add-ins, in the Manage box click Smart Tags.

2. Smart Tag is a name sometimes given to Microsoft Tags.

3. A Smart Tag is an alternative term sometimes associated with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags.

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