Socket 462

Updated: 06/16/2017 by Computer Hope

socket aThe Socket 462 also known as the Socket A is an AMD CPU socket that utilizes the pin grid array. The socket was compatible with Athlon Thunderbird, Athlon XP, Athlon MP, Duron, and Sempron processors. It was also used for the lesser known Geode NX (667 MHz - 2200 MHz) processor, which was a derivative of the Mobile Athlon XP processor. Between all these processors, speeds ranged from 600 MHz for the Duron processor up to 2333 MHz for the Athlon XP 3200+.

The first versions of Socket 462 processors were released in August 1999 and supported front-side bus speeds of 100 MHz. Subsequent versions supported front-side bus speeds of 133, 166 and 200 MHz. Socket 462 processors had a voltage range of 1.0 to 2.05 and varied in physical size, depending on the type of processor.

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