Steam Deck

Updated: 08/16/2021 by Computer Hope
Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming computer developed by Valve, released in the United States in December 2021, with prices starting at $399. The computer gives users access to all of their Steam games that can be played away from their gaming computer.

The Steam Deck uses the Arch Linux-based SteamOS with a 7" touch screen, two thumbsticks, two trackpads, and supports gyro. In addition to being played anywhere, the Steam Deck also supports connections to a keyboard, mouse, and large monitor.

There are three versions of the Steam Deck based on the storage space and type included.

  • 64 GB - utilizes eMMC storage, priced at $399.
  • 256 GB - utilizes NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD (solid-state drive) storage, priced at $529.
  • 512 GB - utilizes NVMe SSD storage, priced at $649.

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