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Story may refer to any of the following:

1. The story describes a game's plot and the overall structure of the characters and events that make up a game. The decisions the player makes during the game can affect the story.

What is a story game?

A story game is a game where you as a player take on the role of one or more characters. See role-playing games for further information.

2. Popularized by Snapchat, a story is a feature included on many popular social media networks. Rather than being grouped with other posts on the timeline, stories are separate, temporary posts that are showcased in their section. Stories are presented in portrait orientation, optimistically viewed on a smartphone app rather than a desktop browser. When a story is opened, the device automatically transitions from story to story. When users post a story on their profile, their circular profile icon shows a colored ring around it, indicating the story hasn't been viewed.

Social media networks that support stories include Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and VK. Many apps that feature stories contain AR lenses to add effects to your photos and videos.


On Twitter, a story is called a Twitter Moment.

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