Updated: 04/12/2021 by Computer Hope
Streamlabs logo

Created in 2014, Streamlabs is a collection of software designed for live streaming content on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. Their flagship program, Streamlabs OBS, adds a new user interface and content to the Open Broadcaster Software tools. These improvements include a layout editor that allows streamers to customize and toggle between stream layouts quickly and selective recording to enable or disable sources.

Streamlabs also provides widgets that integrate with their software and its partners. These widgets, called "Monetize" and "Engage," allow its users to collect donations from their fans and view information on the number of follows, subscriptions, cheers, and other metrics.

Streamlabs OBS and other Streamlabs services are free to use on macOS and Windows computers. Users can also pay for an optional service called Streamlabs Prime, which unlocks more themes and professional features like merchandising and the ability to stream on multiple websites.

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