SUSE Linux

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope
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One of many versions of Linux, SUSE Linux is built on top of the Linux kernel. Developed mainly in Europe, with a German origin, the first version was released in March 1994. SUSE Linux is one of the oldest and longest standing distributions of Linux, well known and liked for its configuration tool called YaST.

SUSE Linux is available for desktop computers and servers, with respective applications for each platform, like Apache Web Server in the server edition and Xgl/Compiz in the desktop edition. The latest version of SUSE Linux is version 15 Service Pack 4, released in June 2022.

A variant of SUSE Linux, called OpenSUSE, is also available for desktop computers and servers. It promotes a more liberal development environment, pushing open source development to a new level.

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