Updated: 05/01/2023 by Computer Hope
Registered trademark symbol

A character that is not a number or a letter. For example, the less than sign (<) is considered a symbol. A symbol references a specific idea, function, or meaning applied to the information that appears immediately before or after it. Other examples of symbols are the trademark (™) and Copyright (©), and monetary units such as the dollar sign ($) and pound (£).

How to insert the symbols next to numbers on a keyboard?

On the computer keyboard, the top row of number keys has one or more symbols above or next to the number. For example, on a U.S. keyboard, the $ (dollar sign) is above the number 4 key. To insert the dollar sign, press and hold down Shift, then press 4.

If the keyboard key has more than one symbol, hold the Alt, Ctrl, or Shift key, and then the number key to insert the third symbol. The keys vary depending on the operating system and language being used.


Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key+. to insert unique symbols, emoji, or animated GIF (graphics interchange format) while in Windows.

How to insert symbols not shown on the keyboard?

If the accent, character, or symbol is not on the keyboard, use the operating system or program to insert the special character.

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