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A table is an arrangement of information in rows and columns containing cells that make comparing and contrasting information easier. As you can see in the following example, the data is easier to read in a table format.

Example table in HTML

Name Date of Birth Phone
Bob Smith 01-05-65 555-123-4567
Joe Smith 09-10-79 555-801-9876
Jane Doe 07-20-70 555-232-1818

Example of the same data in a list

Name,Date of Birth,Phone
Bob Smith,01-05-65,555-123-4567
Joe Smith, 09-10-79,555-801-9876
Jane Doe,07-20-70,555-232-1818

Tables in a database

In a database, a table consists of columns and rows of data, much like an Excel spreadsheet. It is often referenced by software and web pages to store and retrieve data for users. There are multiple types of databases, but the structure of a table in each database type is mostly the same.

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