Teleport hacker

Updated: 07/12/2017 by Computer Hope

teleport hackerA teleport hacker is a player in an online game who utilizes an external script, program, or other software to allow them to vanish and reappear in a random location. This location can be either a short distance ahead of them or a significant distance across the game map. This gives the player a distinct advantage in a game because it can make the person harder to target or allow that person to gain access to places in the game you shouldn't be accessing. This hack, like other cheats, is prohibited and will result in you being banned from a server or from the game.

Computer Hope does not assist users in locating methods of cheating in online games. If you are looking for a teleport hack download you need to look elsewhere. We will not provide anyone with links or a download for any teleport hack for any game.

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