Thick client

Updated: 10/11/2021 by Computer Hope

Alternatively known as a rich client or fat client, a thick client is a computer that doesn't require a connection to a server (unlike a thin client). The average home computer running Windows or macOS is a thick client, because while they can benefit from connecting to a network, they can still create, store, and edit information offline. Thick clients are also found in the business environment, where servers provide data and application support, but the thick client (office computer) is largely independent. Thick clients have an operating system and applications, and can be used offline (not connected to a network or server).

Advantages of thick clients

Because thick clients don't rely on an Internet connection, they have several advantages over thin clients, including:

  • Portability. Because you don't need Wi-Fi, you can use a thick client anywhere.
  • No lag due to a poor connection.
  • The ability to store and access data on a hard drive or SSD (solid-state drive).
  • A higher server capacity.

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