Third-person view

Updated: 05/03/2022 by Computer Hope
Third person view

A third-person view positions the viewer's perspective behind or around the player's in-game character in video games. This perspective shows the player's avatar, including the character's body and equipment, in its entirety. In contrast, in first-person view, the player sees the game through the eyes of the character. Consequently, the character's body is hidden except for their hands and held items.

As shown in the image, the third-person view allows users to see their character moving and what is happening around them.

A third-person view is also called OTS (over-the-shoulder). For example, in third-person shooters (TPS and 3PS), the player looks over the characters shoulder instead of down a gun like an FPS (first-person shooter).


Many video games offer third and first-person views, which are selectable in the options menu.

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