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A timeline may refer to any of the following:

Illustration of a timeline.

1. When referring to social networks, the timeline is the primary page where content is viewed. The timeline is personalized for each user, displaying content based on which accounts the user is following. While timelines are usually presented chronologically, an algorithm is often used to order the content based on what receives the most interaction. When a user posts, followers see it on their timeline, allowing them to react by liking it or making a comment.

Along with a collective timeline found on the home page, the term can also apply to individual profiles. On Facebook and other social media platforms, when scrolling through a user's profile, you browse their personal timeline, which features posts they shared in the past.

On most social media websites and applications, the timeline only displays posts, rather than stories or direct messages, which are showcased in their personal sections.

Why do I not see my friends' post on my timeline?

Social networks, like Facebook, use an algorithm to decide what shows in your timeline. Although it helps keep your timeline cleaner, it decides what you see and may not show posts in chronological order. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to disable this feature or show you all posts in chronological order.

Twitter shows you tweets as they are posted, in most situations. If you have not visited Twitter in a while, it may show you the top tweets first. This setting can be changed on the Twitter app by clicking the stars in the top-right corner of the app. Keep in mind, this setting changes back to showing the top tweets first if you don't visit Twitter often and must always be changed with no option to disable the feature.

2. With video editing, the timeline is the portion of the video editing software interface where the sequence of video clips and sound effects is visually represented in chronological order. When clips are imported into the software, they must first be placed on the timeline before effects can be applied to them.

The timeline helps order clips in a sequence, navigate the video by scrubbing your cursor across clips, and apply quick modifications like splicing and speed corrections. For more precise manipulation, however, other panels, such as the effects panel, must be used.

Below is an example of the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline.

Adobe Premiere Pro timeline

3. In a historical context, a time line or timeline is a list of events that have occurred over a length of time. For example, our computer history section lists a timeline of computer-related events from B.C. to today that helped make the computers we use today.

4. In general, a time line or timeline is a list of events scheduled to occur. For example, a seminar timeline may list events and when and who is going to speak.

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