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Tools may refer to any of the following:

Illustrated people holding a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver.

1. With software, tools (also known as toolkits) are libraries and other software that help software developers create programs more efficiently.

2. With hardware, tools enable a person to install, remove, or perform other actions on the components within their computer.

Tools for working on computers

The following list of tools is in order of importance, in our opinion. Ideally, any technician that goes onsite to repair or troubleshoot computers should have most, if not all of them. However, most situations don't require all of these tools at the same time. Therefore, we have broken the list into sections to help identify which tools you need for each job.

Antistatic or ESD wrist strap

Must-have computer tools


When purchasing any screwdriver, avoid any screwdriver that uses magnets to hold in the tips. Instead, purchase screwdrivers that use ball bearings to hold in the tips.

Compressed air can

Computer hardware replacement and repair tools

Computer software troubleshooting

Other helpful computer tools and equipment

Computer cleaning tools

See our computer cleaning tools section on our cleaning page for a list of tools for cleaning your computer and computer hardware.

Tool kits

There are also computer tool kits that have all the necessary items for computer repair. However, most technicians find that a good screwdriver and other items listed above are enough for most repair jobs.

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