Updated: 08/16/2021 by Computer Hope

Top may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, top is the highest point of something. For example, when first loading this web page, you start at the top. As you scroll down, you are no longer at the top; if you can no longer scroll down, you're at the bottom.

With a physical location, the top describes where something is in relation to something else. For example, you could describe the letter "Q" as being on the top row keys of a QWERTY keyboard.


With many PC programs, you can get to the top of a document, file, or page by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Home.

2. With Linux, top is a command that provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system. See our top command page for further help and information on this command.

3. With a list of items, the top is the first or the first of many at the beginning. For example, with our top terms page, we list the top 10 computer-related terms for our visitors to find the top visited term pages.

By creating a top section, you can show only the most important items without overwhelming the reader with a full list.

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