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Type may refer to any of the following:

Testing how many words you type1. To type or typing is the process of inputting characters into a computer using a keyboard.

Why is typing necessary?

Even today, typing is the primary method of getting information into a computer, like the text you are reading now. Being proficient at typing helps you get that information into the computer faster, makes the computer more enjoyable, and prevents stress on the neck from having to look down at your fingers.

2. Type is an MS-DOS command that displays the contents of the file to the screen.

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3. An FTP command that sets the file transfer type.

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4. Type is a term used to describe the appearance of the characters that make up the text. The craft of defining the appearance of text is known as typography.

5. In computer science, the type is a quality of data that defines the possible values the data may have. Depending on its type, a unit of data will be stored and operated upon in different ways. Examples of data types include integers, booleans, and strings.

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