Updated: 08/16/2021 by Computer Hope
Chat bubbles with an example of a typo.

A typo is a misspelling caused by a typing mistake. If a user is typing too fast, they may accidentally forget to type a character, use the wrong letter to spell a word, or type two letters in the wrong order. A typo leads to confusion in text messages and online chat. When a user makes a typo in a conversation, they often send another text containing an asterisk (*) to amend their mistake.

How to avoid typos

In most modern word processors and texting apps, there are several features to combat typos. Autocorrect automatically changes misspelled words before a text is sent. Many social media apps also allow users to retroactively edit their posts and comments to make corrections, displaying an indicator to other users that the message was edited. The best way to avoid typos, however, is to review every text, e-mail message, or document you type before you send or submit it.

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