Under construction

Updated: 05/01/2023 by Computer Hope
Under construction

On the Internet, under construction describes a website or web page that's still being worked on or has not yet been completed.

Should I put under construction on my page?

Today, most visitors realize that all web pages are constantly being developed, and posting an "under construction" picture or notice is unnecessary.

Why is a website only showing under construction?

While developing a website, some may wait until they believe it's ready to be viewed. During this time, they may hide the site from visitors to help prevent confusion.


If you're creating a new website, we suggest using a "Coming Soon" message instead of under construction. If your e-mail is set up, you may also consider having visitors submit their e-mail addresses to be notified when the website is accessible.

If the site is being updated, it may show an under construction message to let visitors know it's being updated and will return later.


Many sites and services have a "maintenance mode" that can be enabled during an update to let visitors know the site is being updated.

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