Updated: 05/13/2019 by Computer Hope

Sometimes abbreviated as UL or U/L, upload is a term used to describe the process of transferring (sending) a file to another computer through a modem or network.

How is a file uploaded?

The most common method of uploading a file to another computer or server is by using FTP. When using an online service with no FTP support (e.g., social networking service like Facebook) a file is uploaded through the browser on the services website. Other methods of uploading a file include file sharing on a network, Telnet, SSH, and P2P.

Copying vs. uploading

Many new computer users inapproperiately refer to copying files as uploading. When you are copying a file from your computer to another drive or folder on the same computer you're copying that file and not uploading the file. If you are sending a file to a different computer from your computer, you are uploading the file.

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