1394 header and USB header

Updated: 09/12/2023 by Computer Hope
1394 headers and USB headers on motherboard

The 1394 header and USB header is a pin connection found on a computer motherboard that allow additional 1394 and USB (universal serial bus) connections to be added to the computer. For example, a USB add-on could be installed in one of the drive bays and connected to the USB header to add additional USB ports. The picture shows an example of what the 1394 and USB headers look like on a computer motherboard.

In the picture, both the 1394 and USB headers have nine pins and closely resemble each other. Every motherboard is different, the 1394 or USB header on your motherboard may only have four or five pins.


Plugging a 1394 header cable into the USB header connection or the USB header cable into a 1394 connection will damage a motherboard. Always consult your motherboard manufacturer manual before connecting anything to the 1394 or USB header.

Other types of motherboard headers

A motherboard can have a header for any component that allows an external connection. Below is a listing of other types of headers you may have on your motherboard. Each of the below headers resemble the pictures of the headers mentioned earlier.

  • Audio header
  • Game port and MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) header
  • Network header
  • Parallel port header
  • PS/2 header
  • Serial port header

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