Video port

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Alternatively referred to as a graphics port, a video port can be used for connecting a computer monitor to the computer, or it can be used for connecting a television to the computer. Desktop computers typically position the video port on the back, while laptop computers can position the video port on the back or side.

Computer video ports

The picture above is an example of video ports on a typical desktop computer. This video card has three types of connections: DVI, S-Video, and VGA. More advanced computer video cards may include an HDMI video port as well or allow for a conversion cable that supports HDMI connectivity to monitors and televisions.

VGA and DVI are typical connections for monitors while composite video and S-Video are typical for televisions. Newer televisions feature HDMI connections as well, for the best video quality.

Note: A graphics port could also refer to video card expansion slots on your motherboard. In this case, a graphics port could be referring to an AGP (advanced graphics port), PCie, or PCI.

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