Video converter

Updated: 12/31/2022 by Computer Hope

A video converter may refer to any of the following:

Computer video converter examples

1. A video converter is a hardware device that turns one type of video signal into another. Examples include VGA (video graphics array) to DVI (digital visual interface), DVI to VGA, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) to DVI, or VGA to composite video. You may need a video converter to connect an older monitor to a new computer or a new monitor to an older computer.

Remember that each video format has different video resolutions and capabilities and converting a signal may give a lower quality signal. An example is converting DVI to VGA since DVI has a higher video resolution capability than VGA. However, with some setups a video converter may be the only option even with a loss of quality or performance.

2. A software video converter is a program designed to convert one native file format into another format. For example, WinFF is a great video converter that converts a video file into many different formats.

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