Updated: 01/31/2019 by Computer Hope

Visio is a program that falls under the Microsoft Office Suite of products. It is used for many things that utilize layouts, diagrams, and charts. The graphics that are used in Visio are standard images utilized by flowcharts, decision diagrams, playbooks, and even network diagramming. It even has enough diagrams to make planning a room layout for a conference accurate and simple. Microsoft purchased the Visio program from the Visio Corporation, previously known as Shapeware. The purchase was made in 2000, and Microsoft immediately began incorporating it into the Microsoft Office Suite of products.

Below is an example of a basic flowchart created in Visio that gives an example of how a flowchart may appear. As can be seen in the example below, you have several steps that can be followed to help determine the cause of a computer problem. For example, if the computer is not turning on, but the power light is on, it's likely you need to turn on the monitor. Of course, this is only an example and not the full set of steps required to troubleshoot a computer.

Flowchart created in Visio

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