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A webkit may refer to any of the following:

1. Webkit is an open-source web browser engine that was developed by Apple, Inc. It has powered browsers including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, the default iOS browser, and the default Android browser. For more information about WebKit, visit the WebKit website.

2. In CSS, the -webkit- prefix is used for CSS properties not yet officially implemented either by the W3C specifications or by all web browsers, but are available to WebKit browsers. For example, the property -webkit-background-size can be used to override the size of a background image, as shown below.

.header { background-image:url(bg.jpg); -webkit-background size:500px 50px; }

This CSS would cause the size of the background image to be sized at 500 pixels by 50 pixels for WebKit browsers.


Microsoft Internet Explorer use the -ms- prefix and Gecko browsers like Firefox have the -moz- prefix.

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