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Alternatively referred to as a netring or web ring, a webring is a group of Internet websites that collaborate with other-related websites by adding a script to their page. The script adds links or images to their page, similar to the example below:

webring example
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As can be seen in the example, the webring allows the person interested in computers to continue browsing other computer-related sites in the webring by clicking one of the links. For example, if a user clicked "Next page" they would be forwarded to the next web page in the ring of pages. Eventually, if the user browsed all pages in the webring, they would end up back on the page they originally started.

Webrings were popular in the infancy of the Internet. However, with quality of search engines and services such as Reddit and StumbleUpon, very few sites use them today. Most webrings and the scripts used to make them functional, are run by sites dedicated to webrings.


If you are considering webrings to increase your site's traffic, see the web page promotion tips and secrets page for more effective strategies.

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