Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope
Computer monitor

Sometimes called landscape display, a widescreen display is one that is wider than it is tall. Today, the widescreen format is used on nearly all device displays.

Widescreen variations

A typical widescreen supports a different aspect ratio (16:9) than traditional displays (4:3); enabling them to show many movies and HD (1080p) videos in their original format. There is another style of display called UltraWide (21:9) with a viewable area about 33% broader than a traditional widescreen.

Why is widescreen format better?

A wider screen offers more viewable space if the two monitors are the same height. This space is useful for productivity in that it offers users the ability to view multiple programs at once. Additionally, those who play games enjoy a wider field of view, giving the both a more immersive experience, and in some instances a tactical advantage over their opponents.

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