Windows 95

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Windows 95 logoCodenamed Chicago, Windows 95 is an operating system released by Microsoft Corp in August 1995 and is one of the biggest releases of Windows ever.

Windows 95 offered a completely new environment when compared to Windows 3.11 with its new Start button and Desktop.

System requirements

Windows 95 OSR1 System Requirements
Computer: 100% IBM Compatible
Processor: 386 DX or higher
Memory: 4 MB RAM
Drives: 35 MB Hard drive space
CD-ROM or Floppy
Sound: Sound Blaster compatible Sound Card.
Video: VGA or higher-resolution
Controls: 100% compatible Microsoft keyboard and Mouse
operating system: DOS 5.0 and Higher
Price: $70.00 - $90.00

What Windows came before Windows 95?

For the end user, Microsoft 3.11 came before Windows 95.

What version of Windows came after Windows 95?

For the end user, Microsoft Windows 98 came after Windows 95.

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