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Code-named Chicago, Windows 95 is an operating system released by Microsoft in August 1995. It is the biggest release of Windows ever and still one of the most successful software releases ever.


Windows 95 was featured as a top term of 1995.

New Windows 95 features

Windows 95 offered a completely new environment compared to Windows 3.11 with its new Start button and desktop. Below are other new features Windows 95 introduced, most of which are still used with current versions of Windows.

  • Plug and Play - Plug and play allowed hardware devices to be automatically installed into the computer with the proper software. Does not require jumpers to be used.
  • Device Manager - Introduced Device Manager to help list and control computer hardware.
  • 32-Bit - A 32-bit operating system allowing the computer to run faster and more efficiently, and support 32-bit applications.
  • Registry - Combines the power of multiple configuration files into two registry files, allowing the system configurations to be located easier.
  • Memory - Windows 95 has an improved memory handling processes compared to Windows 3.11.
  • Right mouse click - Allows access and text manipulation by utilizing the right mouse button (right-click) instead of only one button.
  • CD Player - Enhanced CD (compact disc) player with improved usability and AutoPlay feature.

Windows 95 system requirements

80386 DX or higher
35 MB hard drive space
CD-ROM or floppy
Sound Blaster compatible sound card.
VGA or higher-resolution
100% compatible Microsoft keyboard and mouse
DOS 5.0 and higher needed for an upgrade

What Windows came before Windows 95?

For the end user, Microsoft 3.11 came before Windows 95.

What version of Windows came after Windows 95?

For the end user, Microsoft Windows 98 came after Windows 95.

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