Updated: 11/12/2023 by Computer Hope
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Short for Wireless Markup Language Script, WMLScript is a client-side scripting language designed for use with mobile applications. More specifically, it was developed to facilitate the creation of dynamic and interactive content for mobile devices. WMLScript is similar to JavaScript in terms of syntax, but tailored for the constraints of older mobile devices with limited resources, such as low processing power and memory.

As it was developed by the WAP Forum, WMLScript was commonly used with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) applications, which were prevalent before the proliferation of smartphones. However, with the advancement of mobile technologies and the shift towards faster devices, WMLScript is now less relevant. Modern mobile web development involves languages like HTML5, CSS (cascading style sheets), and JavaScript, which are more capable and versatile.

WMLScript vs. JavaScript

WMLScript has some similarities to JavaScript. Both are scripting languages meant to create interactive content for their respective media. The syntax of the two languages bears a strong resemblance, although they are not compatible with one another.

There are differences, too. For example, WMLScript can't handle arrays or objects, but it can bring in and utilize functions from external scripts. Additionally, WMLScript is a compiled language, whereas JavaScript is an interpreted language.

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