Updated: 05/06/2024 by Computer Hope
Typing on a computer keyboard

Short for Words Per Minute, WPM is a metric used to calculate one's proficiency with a keyboard by counting how many words they type without making any errors in one minute. For example, many companies that regularly use computers require new employees to take a typing test, measured in WPM, as part of the hiring process.


See our NWAM (Net Words A Minute) term for information about calculating your WPM.


Including your WPM on your résumé helps demonstrate how proficient you are at typing to an employer.

How is the WPM determined?

To determine the WPM, the CPM (Characters Per Minute) is measured and then divided by five (average word length). For example, someone who types 500 CPM has a WPM of 100 (500 / 5 = 100).

What is the average WPM?

The world's average typing speed is around 40 WPM.

What is a good WPM?

You'll notice an improvement in productivity with a consistent WPM of 65 or more. Companies hiring anyone who will be typing look for anyone who has a 60 WPM or faster. The higher your WPM, the more likely you'll be considered for such a job.

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